Welcome to Gales of Nayeli’s Casting Call page

To submit your auditions, please follow these steps :

  • Include both the Character’s Name and Your Name in the Subject
  • Record your audition in a single .wav file hosted online (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Name your .wav file CharacterName_YourName.wav
  • Include two takes at most per line
  • Send your audition to blindcoco.casting@gmail.com
  • Deadline for Casting Call Wave #2 is November 26th 2023

Anyone can audition on any roles, but priority will be given to VAs who match the ethnicity of characters with a specified casting priority.

We will listen to every audition, but will only contact you if you have been selected for the role.

Our rates are 4$ per line. Characters typically have between 20-30 voice lines.

We look forward to hearing your auditions.

Thank you for your time!

Samira, the Dancer

Samira is a dancer from Nareh. After hearing of the threats that are targeting Nareh, she has traveled far and wide to bring back intrepid adventurers to her home town.

Tone: Medium – Casting priority : Arabic

Lines :

  • “You lead, I follow.” – Selection Quote
  • “If this keeps up, I won’t even need the extra help.” – Level Up Quote (Good)
  • “It’s curtains for you!” – Critical Quote

Sharif, the Militia

Sharif is the son of a merchant from Waelshire and a knight from Nareh. Stern and reliable, he favors caution after having seen many former allies fall in battle as a mercenary in the past. He was raised in a small village called Cherringham by his mother, who has since closed her store.

Tone: Low – Casting priority : Arabic

Lines :

  • “You are not alone.” – Selection Quote
  • “You won’t get past me!” – Critical Quote
  • “The echoes of my steel will be heard across all of Iuven!” (pronounced Ee-u-ven) – Level Up Quote (Good)

Asahi, the Wanderer

Asahi, Prince of Zoha, brings an air of nobility and elegance wherever he goes. His smile does feel forced, though.

Tone: Medium – Casting priority : Japanese

Lines :

  • “Asahi, Prince of Zoha, claims your life!” – Critical Quote
  • “You’ll get no sympathy from me.” – Critical Quote
  • “An unwelcome- but temporary- lapse in skill… I assure you” – Level Up Quote (Bad)

Everlast, the Necromancer

Everlast is a necromancer who has devoted his life to studying ways to reach immortality. His allegiances are hard to decipher.

Tone: Medium-Low

Lines :

  • “There is much we must accomplish together…” – Selection Quote
  • “Fall prey to the void!” – Critical Quote
  • “My power overfloweth!” – Level Up Quote (Good)

Dark Elves

There are multiple Dark Elf roles in Gales of Nayeli, but some make an appearance quite late in the game, so the Casting Call will be done by voice type rather than characters.

Note : Dark Elves all have a slight Scottish accent. Example

Dark Elf Man (Tone: Medium-Low):

  • “Cross my blade, face the thunder!”
  • “I’ll bash your face in!”
  • “Quit being so smug!”

Dark Elf Woman (Tone: Medium):

  • “These hands are stained with blood…”
  • “I will see this through to the end.”
  • “The plan is simple.”

Dark Elf Girl (Tone: High):

  • “I’m sorry… “
  • “So! Where to?”
  • “I- I’m doing it!”

Mauve, the Cannoneer

Mauve is a renowned Cannoneer from one of the most feared pirate crew with influence reaching from Stormreach to San Comeraco. She is usually calm and calculated, to balance out her more eccentric crewmates.

Tone: Medium-Low – Casting priority : Black

Lines :

  • “Name your target” – Selection Quote
  • “Fire at will!” – Critical Quote
  • “I swear on my good eye this won’t happen again” – Level Up Quote (Bad)

Diego, the Lookout

Diego is the son of influential merchants who were killed by pirates while on a business trip. He is well educated in his youth, but was subsequently raised by pirates, himself.

Tone: Medium

Note: Diego has a slight Spanish accent

Lines :

  • “I’ll lead the way!” – Selection Quote
  • “Sharp wits. Sharper blades.” – Critical Quote
  • “Trust in me. We’ll make it home safe.” – Level Up Quote (Good)

Sigrunn, the Shield Maiden

Sigrunn is a skilled warrior from the Frostern Isles and the daughter of a local hero. She’s quick to action, which often leads her into trouble. Will risk life and limb for her allies without a second thought.

Tone: Medium

Note : Sigrunn has a slight Swedish accent

Lines :

  • “I’ll stand by you.” – Selection Quote
  • “No more holding back!” – Critical Quote
  • “My armor will need some tweaking if I keep growing so quickly.” – Level Up Quote (Good)