Welcome to Gales of Nayeli’s Casting Call page

To submit your auditions, please follow these steps :

  • Include both the Character’s Name and Your Name in the Subject
  • Record your audition in a single .wav file hosted online (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Name your .wav file CharacterName_YourName.wav
  • Include two takes at most per line
  • Send your audition to blindcoco.casting@gmail.com
  • Deadline for Casting Call Wave #1 (Alivar / Millenia) is November 1st 2023

We will listen to every audition, but will only contact you if you have been selected for the role.

Our rates are 4$ per line. Characters typically have between 20-30 voice lines.

We look forward to hearing your auditions!

Thank you for your time!

Alivar, the Merchant

Alivar is a traveling merchant who takes great care and pride about his burgeoning business. He is well spoken and sophisticated.
Tone : Medium

Lines :

  • “Greetings and salutations!” – Selection Quote
  • “Please! Not my handsome visage…” – Selection Quote (Low HP)
  • “Oh-ho! An exquisite display of skill!” – Critical Quote
  • “Ah yes! We’ll acquire many riches together, my friends!” – Level Up Quote (Good)

Millenia, the Sky Burglar

Millenia is a ruthless harpy who targets lost adventurers in the cold of the Skenian mountainsides.
Tone : Medium-High

Lines :

  • “Seeking prey.” – Selection Quote
  • “A failed heist…” – Selection Quote (Low HP)
  • “I shouldn’t play with my food, but…” – Critical Quote
  • “Stop gawking like an idiot.” – Level Up Quote (Good)