Character Spotlight – Kitoko


Kitoko hatched alone in the Wyrms’ Grotto, an expansive underground cave system carved by miners that has since been abandoned and is now used by intrepid merchants looking to take a shortcut beneath the mountains to Mariner’s Bay. 

Confused, isolated, and desperate, Kitoko grew up alone, perpetually at risk of an early death in the unforgiving tunnels and caves of Wyrms’ Grotto. Her circumstances fostered an acute inner anxiety, but eventually, after seeing more and more travelers fall to the hazards of her home, she worked up the courage to try to reach out to passersby, to warn them of the risks that awaited that…and, potentially, make a connection to the outside world. 

Her first few attempts failed horribly, and no matter how hard she tried to appear nonthreatening, those she tried to save fled from her without exception. Kitoko became disheartened, and convinced herself that, if communication was impossible, the best way to help travelers would be to scare them away from her home. Her plan succeeded almost too well, and the terror she inflicts on passersby earned her the moniker “Dragon of the Grotto.” 

Now, though she is still lonely, Kitoko is glad that she can continue to steer people away from the true dangers lurking in Wyrms’ Grotto, and she holds out hope that, someday, she can learn about the world beyond her home.


Kitoko primarily wields her bow and arrows for damage, but possesses impressive physical defenses for an archer, and has the unique ability to quickly cure debuffs inflicted on her. This allows her to be positioned more aggressively compared to other archery-oriented units, taking risks that would be untenable for less durable units, or serve as a secondary bulwark to protect weaker units behind the front-liners. 

Kitoko can use her serpentine fangs to deal Poison-element physical damage in melee range, as well as spew venom from a distance to deal Poison-element magical damage. She has excellent synergy with Poison weapons, which deal extra nonlethal damage after combat that ignores enemy defensive stats, helping her whittle down durable targets.

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