Character Spotlight – Quidel


Quidel has been Nayeli’s closest friend for as long as either of them can remember. The two of them spent many inquisitive afternoons exploring the forests near their home as they played adventurers. Nayeli was astute and adventurous, and always ready to guide and protect the shyer, more sensitive Quidel, whose gentleness was manifested in his love and care for all animal life.

But Quidel’s carefree years ended all too soon, and as adolescence—and expectations—advanced, so too did he change. His growth spurt was such that, by his later teenage years, he had become a bulky titan of a man, a tireless hunter and explorer of forests, shirking no duty so long as it afforded him the opportunity to buttress his physical training. As his responsibilities deepened, Quidel withdrew from the outlook that had once defined him, until he bore little resemblance to the quiet, wildlife-loving boy of his youth, and the bond between him and Nayeli strained beneath…though it did not break. 

Since then, Quidel has sought to scatter that memory of meekness from the stubborn minds of his friends and family, particularly Nayeli, who still carry the recollection of his former sensitivity. No longer shall anyone else feel the need to impart their courage to him, and safeguard him and their community, and the creatures he still loves: Quidel shall do it himself, and be the protector and warrior that he needs to be.


Quidel has excellent Strength and High HP, enabling him to function well as an offensive front-liner who can absorb damage and dish it out in turn. Furthermore, he joins your roster early on, with high base stats, helping Quidel be useful as soon as he is available, while his phenomenal physical damage will ensure he does not lose relevance after the early portions of the game. Accentuating Quidel’s advantage in physical offense is one of his passive skills, Power Move, which increases the damage he deals against targets with less Strength than him. 

Quidel specializes in singular, devastating strikes, especially through Combat Arts such as Overhead Swing, which has increased Hit, or Searing Swing, which trades accuracy for Fire damage and increased Critical Hit Chance. This pushes Quidel to eliminate foes in a single round of combat, before they can retaliate at all, particularly since his below-average Speed makes him unlikely to make follow-up attacks. However, to mitigate this drawback, Quidel also uniquely deals increased damage with Brave Weapons, which encourages him to equip himself with some: after all, if the first blow can’t destroy his enemy, then the second surely will!

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