Character Spotlight – Sawyer


Sawyer is a former knight, one who has long since shed his official duties and the heraldry of his order in favor of the simple life of a wanderer, seeking to exercise his skills in combat in exchange for food or a safe night’s rest. He seems to prefer this simpler life: perhaps he finds the act of assisting locals more rewarding than the glory and grandeur of large-scale battle or service to nobles.

His favorite pastime is to recount old war tales, and every time he gets into the swing of storytelling, he’s easily able to lose himself in the past. Clever or frequent listeners will notice his habit of dropping or rearranging key events, locations, figures and factions with little respect for consistency between retellings, muddying the distinction between exaggeration and lived experience. This makes tracing common elements in his stories difficult, and trying to piece together a coherent past from them impossible, which is just how Sawyer likes it.

Sawyer will always endeavor to support those in need, regardless of whether or not doing so will get him in trouble, or put him in danger, on someone else’s behalf. There is little he enjoys more than being generous to the needy, courteous to the downcast, and protective towards the oppressed, and in this, Sawyer is a marvelous specimen of a knight, one who sincerely seeks to uphold chivalric values in their ideal form. There are few who are displeased to make his acquaintance, and none who regret calling upon him for aid.


Befitting his status as a knight errant, Sawyer specializes in mounted combat, combining durability with high mobility to ride down his opponents aggressively with axe in hand. When initiating combat, Sawyer gains bonuses to his offensive and defensive stats, giving him safer and easier opportunities to charge forth and begin battle with a brutal initial blow to soften enemies up for his allies, or even dispatch weaker enemies outright. 

Because his role requires him to operate in the vanguard, ahead and away from the rest of the party, Sawyer has Combat Arts that deal additional damage to targets when he is not near allies. Furthemore, as a cavalry unit, Sawyer can disengage and dash away to safety using his leftover movement after initiating combat, allowing him to strike on horseback and quickly make a retreat to avoid any retaliation from his foes once it becomes disadvantageous for him to stick around.

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