Rogue Tools

Thieves, Blades, and other classes with the “Lockpick” skill, fall under the umbrella category of “Rogues.” Among other benefits related to this type of class such as opening doors and chests for free, Rogues have access to unique Rogue Tools. These consumables primarily serve to aid a unit’s utility or mobility, making Rogue classes excellent for completing time-sensitive objectives, traveling across the map, or maneuvering themselves into position

Here are a few example of Rogue Tools:

Sneak up on unsuspecting enemies with Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bomb: Allows the user to teleport three tiles in any direction, ignoring obstructive terrain. 

Haste Capsule: Grants the user one extra Movement for five turns.

Long Lockpick: Allows the user to open chests and doors from up to five tiles away, rather than requiring them to be adjacent to the chest or door, which is useful for avoiding traps and ambushes, or simply to loot with haste.

Gain the upper hand in fights using Stimpacks

Stimpack: Grants the user +3 to all stats for three turns, every time they enter combat during that period, they take an additional six damage when combat ends.

These are just a few of the Rogue Tools that will be available for units of the appropriate classes. Clever use of them will greatly expand the flexibility with which certain units can traverse the battlefield and tackle side-objectives, rewarding creative players who draw upon all the resources at their disposal.

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