Blacksmith & Weapon Forges

Over the course of your journey through Iuven, players may come across Forge Tokens when they complete bonus map objectives or tasks that are not part of the main chapter progression. Forge Tokens are a special form of currency that can be used to upgrade certain weapons at Blacksmiths, and are one tool that players can use to customize their arsenal and keep their favorite weapons relevant throughout the game. 

Not all weapons can be upgraded, however: most eligible weapons are early-game weapons that have unique and impactful characteristics, such as specific effectiveness against particular types of enemies, but whose bonuses might become less useful later in the game as higher-quality weapons start to outshine them. By using Forge Tokens to specifically bolster these weapons, they can retain their importance throughout the entire game, expanding equipment options and thereby create new opportunities for players to experiment with specific tools that fit their favourite strategies.

Keep an eye out for Blacksmiths if you have Forge Tokens to spare!

Here are some examples of how some weapons can be upgraded with Forge Tokens, represented by receiving a “+” in the weapon description: 

Bearded Axe: Increases Critical by 20% when attacking Lance-Wielding enemies.

Bearded Axe+: Also deals effective damage to Lance-Wielding enemies.

Killer Sword: Has a higher critical hit chance.

Killer Sword+: Now deals x3 damage when landing critical hits instead of the usual x2. 

Aegis (Light Tome): Allies within 2 tiles take -2 damage in combat. 

Aegis+: In addition, after initiating combat, heals adjacent allies by 5HP.

Keep an eye out for Blacksmiths, and make sure you collect Forge Tokens so that you can keep improving your favorite weapons as you progress through the game!

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