Character Spotlight – Astrid


Born within the Frostern Isles’s Shallows, Astrid always was a peculiar child. Fascinated by woodland animals, big and small, she would sneak away at night and become one with the forest, much to the confusion of her peers, most of whom were hunters, themselves.

As her fascination towards forbidden magic, alchemy and nature grew, confusion turned to fear in the Frosterners’s hearts and they slowly ostracized her from her village.

On the first full Moon after her withdrawal, a lone White Wolf was sighted, sorrowfully howling under the moonlight…


As a unit, Astrid possesses a versatile kit through clever use of her Shapeshifting abilities.

She gains a temporary buff shortly after shapeshifting (Mag/Spd/Res in Druid form, Str/Def/Mov in Wolf form), so making the most of her transformation rhythm is crucial in maximizing her abilities.

In her Druid form, she has complete control over Primal magic, allowing her to cast powerful elemental attacks, with a slight increase in potency towards Ice magic.

In her Wolf form, her fangs deal effective damage against other beasts and her accelerated metabolism heals small injuries over time.

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