Character Spotlight – Coco


As one of the Squirrel Folk who make their home in the Whimsy Grove, Coco had always felt more at home in untouched natural environments. The wariness of her people ensured minimal contact with other species, and even isolated Squirrels from others of their kind who made their homes in other forests across Iuven. Such a philosophy had given her the freedom to live off the forest to help support her community…and find some peace away from her many, many siblings, for to call Coco’s family home “crowded” would have been an understatement to the extreme.

But she had had no cause to complain, especially when a routine, idyllic venture into the woods for medicinal herbs had led Coco to meet her curious neighbours, who had kept careful watch over the people of Iuven from the safety of the forests since ages past.

The Critters—or so they were called—were friendly spirits of the forest, their curiosity and playfulness only matched by their fickle nature and skittishness. They were the subject of many whispered rumor and folktale, even less well-understood than the Squirrel Folk themselves were to those outside their forest villages, and she had suddenly become one of the few to make contact. 

Now, as catastrophe threatens Iuven, and Coco’s people retreat deeper into the ever-shrinking safety of their forests, she must balance her care for her fellow Squirrels with the new, motherly desire to protect the Critters who have placed their trust in her. She will not allow them to regret their rare show of vulnerability.


Coco specializes in healing allies and debuffing enemies as she attacks them. Though she can only deal modest damage, she can debuff her targets, increasing their damage vulnerability for future combats, which especially helps weaker allies in battle. 

Her above-average physical durability and Avoid help her maintain an active role in battles without needing to retreat when attention turns her way, which is very unique for a healer.

Additionally, as a herbalist, Coco can heal herself in any forest or herb tile by picking herbs. If she’s lucky, she may even find some extra herbs to help her allies, as well.

Coco’s most unique abilities, however, are tied to her ability to summon her Critter ally, Maple. Maple is a relatively durable lance-wielder who can be controlled like any other unit when he’s active, but he’s more than just a temporary summon: he’s a fully-realized unit who can level up, learn skills, and gain stats completely independent of Coco’s own progression. However, he must be summoned by Coco in every battle that you wish to include him in.

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