Character Spotlight – Curtis


As a hired mercenary, Curtis prefers to keep to himself, and generally refrains from seeking out opportunities to interact with the rest of the party. He’ll speak when spoken to, and isn’t acerbic or confrontational, but it doesn’t take much to irritate him, and once he’s annoyed, he has no compunctions about bluntly telling off would-be conversation partners. 

He gives the impression of a man who’ll take nearly any job, as long as it pays, and perhaps that’s all there is to him: he refrains from sharing anything about himself if he can avoid it. But trying to connect with him isn’t entirely fruitless, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll eventually decide to open up to a select few companions who he finds some commonality or resonance with.


Curtis prefers to strike out on his own, positioning himself apart from the party so that he can carry out his work as an archer without distractions. Curtis deals extra damage if he is not adjacent to multiple allies, and Opportune Shot, one of his Combat Arts, deals bonus damage to enemies flanked by his allies. Curtis also gains bonuses to his Strength, Speed, and Skill after certain turn intervals, helping him keep up his momentum to continue longer battles, or give him one last boost to his killing power to wrap up a shorter fight.

Curtis is frail, however, and ill-suited to the front lines. Safe and careful positioning is key to his success, but if his sniping spots are well-planned and he’s defended, he can obliterate foes from distances that they can’t counterattack from. 

His loner playstyle also means that he’s a particularly good choice for making use of terrain-based advantages, especially Watchtowers, which can grant him extra damage, range, and accuracy.

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