Character Spotlight – Diego


Diego is the son of wealthy merchants, who made their fortune ferrying goods from Port Aqaban in the north of Norica through Mariner’s Bay, back to Lumica. Their shrewd businessmanship, pragmatic investments, and talent for making connections ensured that they had access to profitable travel corridors extending westward across all of Lumica. As a young boy, Diego would accompany his family on their many voyages, becoming intimately familiar with the minutiae of aquatic travel and shipping lanes. 

However, trading routes always attract opportunists looking to prey upon merchants, and though his family always did its utmost to navigate the seas safely, the day eventually came when they were unable to avoid attention. Pirates, a regrettably common threat to any intrepid ferrier of goods, attacked them in the strait separating the peninsula cradling Mariner’s Bay from the archipelago to its east, Corsair’s Mishap. Diego’s parents did not survive the encounter, and though Diego escaped into the sea, he was left for dead, fully expecting to drown beneath the waves that had so often carried his ship to safety.

Fate had another agenda in mind for him, however. Another band of buccaneers found him adrift and brought him aboard, and, bereft of other options, Diego agreed to join their crew, though he took no delight in becoming one of the very same threats that had plagued his journeys over the sea, and that had murdered his parents. 

Since that day, Diego has traveled the breadth of seas all across Iuven, bouncing from one pirate crew to another and deftly avoiding catastrophe by cutting his losses when fortune turns against his current band.

Diego enables a powerful Critical Hit for Laetitia


Diego is a fast, dextrous axe-wielder whose high Skill gives him excellent accuracy and frequent critical hits. He also can Mark enemies using his personal spyglass, temporarily debuffing their Defense and Avoid and increasing the chance that he or allies will land critical hits on them. However, he is not limited to close-quarters combat: not only does he have a particular affinity for firearms, able to employ them with deadly precision, but his Axe Throw combat art allows him to use his melee weapon to deal damage at range.

Being an experienced lookout and pirate, Diego has the unique ability to access Watchtowers to take advantage of their benefits to accuracy, damage, and range without using his action, enabling him to act or attack on the same turn that he climbs them. This gives him more freedom-of-movement than other units, and helps him capitalize on new positioning opportunities as soon as they arise.

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