Character Spotlight – Flynn


Flynn is a mercenary born and raised in Cherringham, a village to the west of Solance Kingdom, to parents of no great wealth or status who, despite the difficulties of their circumstances, did their utmost to provide for him and his younger sister, Ciara. Unfortunately, when a famine resulting from an extended drought and dry season tore through his hometown during his adolescence, his parents were among its first victims, forcing him to put aside any other ambitions and take up the sword for mercenary work in order to provide for his still-young sibling. 

He spent the better part of the next decade selling his sword skills in service of nearly anyone who was willing to pay to have a young man of above-average skill in their employ. Though Flynn endeavored to work as close to Cherringham as he could, when work was scarce, he’d be forced to sign contracts that took him further out into countryside, leaving Ciara on her own with whatever skills he’d been able to impart to her to keep herself safe and fed, and allow her to follow her own interests.

It worked out well enough, until the day he returned with his childhood friend and neighbor, Sharif, from a multi-month contract. His pockets had been bulging with the funds Ciara would need, and yet when he arrived at their home, she had not run out to greet him as she normally did. Their house had been ransacked, marked with signs of obvious struggle, and most of their goods were gone.

Though neighbors have argued that slavers or brigands had to be the cause of such a kidnapping, Flynn is not so sure, and Sharif shares his concern. Cherringham is not a large city, but nor is it completely isolated: how, then, might such wrongdoers have broken into his house and stolen away his sibling without being spotted or stopped? And as he is consumed with the search for his sister, is it possible that he might find common cause with Nayeli’s own goals?


Flynn is a speedy swordsman who prefers to operate in the thick of combat, relying on his high Speed, above-average Skill and Strength, and solid physical defense to deal damage at melee range. His damage and physical durability increase when he is not at full health, ensuring that he can maintain his position at the front and stay in the flow of the fight without needing to fall back if things get dangerous. 

He also possesses multiple Combat Arts that target foes in particular classes or with specific specializations, giving him adaptable answers to a wide variety of foes. One of these Combat Arts is Wind Blade, which deals magic damage and is effective against fliers, a class of enemies that sword-users tend to struggle against.

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