Character Spotlight – Gallant


Gallant is a knight of the Kingdom of Solance whose reputation for personal combat prowess and feats of valor performed in defense of his peers is reflected in his meteoric rise through the ranks. His distinguished service eventually earned him a position in the Sunguard, serving as Princess Leila’s second-in-command at Laramore Castle. His promotions have not dampened his enthusiasm or drive: indeed, even now, there are few chivalric pursuits that—once he has put his mind to—Gallant has not excelled in. 

It may be that Gallant’s drive can be traced to his greener years as a recruit, when his then-superior (a notoriously unpleasable knight) instilled in Gallant an ambition to strive for chivalric perfection. Nowadays, Gallant’s meticulous perfectionism extends to his treatment of his fellow knights, much to their chagrin. Unfortunately for them, Gallant sees the immense pressure of his demands as a motivating factor, rather than a burden. Still, none can dismiss Gallant as anything but earnest, and though he is prideful, this courteous, powerful, courageous knight has much to be proud of.

Gallant grants additional Move to adjacent allies each turn


Gallant is a mounted lance-wielder with very high Resistance, excellent Strength, and dependable HP and Defense, making him well-suited for the vanguard in battle. This role is further emphasized by his ability to passively grant extra Movement to allies who are adjacent to him when the player’s turn starts, encouraging thoughtful but aggressive positioning with Gallant at the forefront of battle. Like other mounted units, Gallant can use his leftover Movement when he finishes attacking to move without being forced to end his turn, allowing him to strike at enemies and then reposition himself such that as many allies as possible can benefit from his mobility-boosting aura.

Gallant’s initial Combat Arts are further representative of his role as the pace-setter of the party. One of these is Veteran Spike, which has high base damage but is unable to bring a foe to zero health and cannot deal critical hits. While this might not seem terribly useful at first glance, Veteran Spike gives Gallant the ability to weaken enemies without defeating them himself so that other units can do so easily, easing the growth of units who have fallen behind or struggle to gain KOs in battle themselves. 

The mirror of this is Honorable Charge, which has strong initial damage but reduces Gallant’s effective Avoid until combat ends. This gives Gallant a chance to eliminate foes with a single strike, but should his target survive, he is much more likely to be retaliated against.

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