Character Spotlight – Laetitia


The first time Laetitia had seen sailors pull into her harbor hometown, and then cast off again, she’d been awestruck. Everything about ocean travel and ships entranced her, from the scale of larger vessels—and the wealth and planning required to own, maintain, and operate them—to the organization and camaraderie of their crews. 

As the daughter of tavern owners on one of the islands that make up the archipelago of Corsair’s Mishap, Laetitia had had frequent contact with seafarers of all sorts. Sailors and even pirates entering her family’s tavern were frequently barraged with questions about the details of sea navigation, so eager was Laetitia to learn more about life on the waves. They were happy to answer her queries, though they turned her down when she begged to come aboard, much to the relief of her parents.  

Laetitia vowed that she would take to the seas, one way or another, and make her fortune on the waves, a dream she continued to nurse even as she began helping her family around the inn and bar that had put her in contact with so many mariners. 

The opportunity came when, one day, a ship docked at port was left unusually unguarded. She’d always been lucky: now was the chance for her to push it, and see if she could achieve her aspirations. So, with a hastily-written goodbye note to her parents, Laetitia stowed aboard the ship, hiding in the cargo hold before it could cast off, carrying nothing but her wits and a dream: to make it to Mariner’s Bay, and find a ship and crew that might make her a fortune.


As a Swashbuckler, Laetitia possesses the Seawalk ability, which allows her to walk through water tiles. In addition, her class gives her access to unique Pirate weaponry, such as Flintlock Pistols which gain additional damage based off of her Skill and Pirate Cutlasses which deal effective damage against other Pirate-class enemies. Her naturally high Luck and Skill give her excellent Critical Hit Chance, allowing her to deal high single-target damage both at range and in melee combat, while her unusual mobility options let her function as an assassin targeting isolated enemies from unexpected angles. 

Her reliance on luck and dexterity carry over to one of her Combat Arts, Spray n’ Pray, which fires three times in a single combat round, with each strike having slightly reduced accuracy. If multiple shots connect, Laetitia can easily obliterate foes before they have any opportunity to damage her, but if luck is not on her side, some or all of the shots can miss, leaving Laetitia vulnerable and the enemy almost completely unscathed.

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