Character Spotlight – Leila


Leila is one of the many daughters of King Eder, the Bulwark of Light and current ruler of the Kingdom of Solance. Like all of his children, she was expected to give some service to the state in preparation for assisting whomever would inherit his title, and to this end, she was enrolled as a commissioned officer in the Sunguard, defending Solance’s eastern border. Despite her background, Leila refused to be given any special treatment, and rose through the ranks on her own merits, never ceasing her pursuit of greater strength and tenacity. 

Her achievements, rather than her royal lineage, earned her an appointment as the garrison commander of Fort Laramore, a castle on the eastern border of Solance, which had been constructed to shore up the one gap in the natural barrier that the mountain range provided to her homeland. It was a role she accepted from her father with pride and an avowed oath to defend until her dying breath. 

That promise may soon be tested. After years of distinguished service directing the defense against monsters and brigands large and united enough to be called “armies,” her aptitude as a commander and knight must stand strong against incursions more coordinated and threatening than she has yet seen. She is not called “The Aegis of Laramore” without reason, but if she wishes to continue to protect her homeland from insidious threats which only grow bolder and more organized by the day, Leila shall have to steel herself and her comrades for the battles to come.


Leila is a sword-wielding armoured unit with high Health and Strength. However, Leila also has the ability to wield greatswords, a subclass of swords which have increased Might but are less accurate, lower the Speed of the wielder, and are unable to make follow-up attacks. Leila can alleviate these drawbacks, in part, through the use of her Two-Handed Swing Combat Art, which grants bonus accuracy in combat but can only be used with greatswords, allowing her to deal high singular instances of damage with greater consistency.

Leila’s incredible power also manifests in her ability to alter the environment to the benefit of the party. If Leila is deployed, she can destroy certain terrain obstacles, such as walls and doors, that would otherwise be immutable fixtures on the battlefield. This allows her to open up pathways to engage enemies, find escape routes from troublesome situations, or simply bypass dangers such as environmental hazards or ambushes.

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