Character Spotlight – Ollie

Ollie is a customizable playable unit in Gales of Nayeli. Their name and starting class is up to the player.

The four starting classes for Ollie are Adventurer, Strider, Spellcaster and Rogue.

Let’s go over their unique attributes :

The Adventurer can intimidate foes with a powerful War Cry


The Adventurer is an all around balanced frontline unit with good HP, Strength and Speed. While they do not excel at any one specific task, they provide equal parts offense, defense and support in battle.

Their unique skill is War Cry, which intimidates nearby enemies and lowers their Attack, Avoid and Critical Avoid.

The Strider specializes in long distance combat


The Strider is weaker offensively, but possesses multiple supportive benefits in combat. Their Combat Art, Crippling Shot, drastically reduces enemy movement, which can lessen enemy pressure and facilitate completion of time sensitive side objectives.

The Spellcaster can Focus up to three times to unleash powerful spells


The Spellcaster provides great damage, which can be further increased through their unique skill, Focus. They can focus up to three consecutive times to increase their damage dealt for their next spell.

However, focus can be lost when attacked, even when no spell was fired.

The Rogue has unparalleled movement, perfect to reach treasure chests


The Rogue is typically ill-suited for battle, but possesses unparalleled movement among thieving classes. Their unique ability, Hide, allows them to move through enemies and increases their Critical Chance on their next attack, enabling them to fight back in a pinch.

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