Character Spotlight – Sophie


A performer by trade, Sophie excels in combining the showiness of stage magic with the majesty and danger of real sorcery, mixing one with the other to dazzle audiences and confuse would-be skeptics. Mystery and the esoteric are her crafts, and contortionism, sleight-of-hand, and illusion are her tools. She’s traveled the world—and, according to her own coy exaggerations, well beyond it—as part of one circus troupe or another, dabbling with a wide range of magician’s unions and acrobat guilds. She’s got stories aplenty, and any who ask for one will be regaled with three more tales than they wished to hear, but the energy and joy she injects into every narrative ensures that her listeners never mind.

She’s done quite well for herself over the years, having settled down and opened her very own gambling and performance hall somewhere in the unaffiliated, little-regulated waters between Lumica and Norica. If one has the coin, it might be in their best interest to drop by.


Sophie has very high Speed and Luck as well as great Skill, which leaves her well-prepared to dodge attacks fluidly and strike foes precisely, but in all other respects she is a very unorthodox character. She primarily uses Lances and Dark spells and, while she’s not mounted and only has below-average Strength and Magic, Sophie’s Freebie passive gives her an extra attack when using weapons or spells that attack multiple times per round. This means that any Brave or Thunder Element weapon will strike her targets three times instead of two before they get a chance to counter. This gives her some extra punch and helps make up for her otherwise-lower offensive stats.

Sophie’s always happy to play around with chance, and so, as an active ability, she has the opportunity to roll a magical dice for a chance to grant positive perks to herself and her allies. For example, one result might grant guaranteed Critical Hits on the next attack that she and her allies connect with, while another will bless the entire party with bonus HP regeneration for a number of turns. Sophie can move and act after rolling her dice, encouraging her to test the dice as early in a turn as possible. But be warned: if Sophie rolls a one, she will be doubly hampered by reduced Avoid and an inability to act for the rest of the turn. 

This means that Sophie must be proactive with the use of her dice, and always be willing to take a risk for the chance to reap powerful benefits.

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