Character Spotlight – Tomoe


Headstrong, scrappy, and determined, Tomoe has always given her all to everything she puts her mind to. When she had first arrived at the temple that would serve as her martials arts school, most of her peers and even some of her instructors could not quite see her potential. 

Tomoe didn’t let their doubts stop her. Through perseverance, devoted training, and force of will, Tomoe made good on her potential and rose in the ranks of the temple’s acolytes, until none could deny her growing mastery. But when war engulfed the countryside, and her temple maintained its strict policy of political neutrality to spare itself the ire of the belligerent armies, Tomoe could not ignore that she had the power to save innocents in danger.

When she rushed off to help a neighboring village, fighting off the soldiers that had plundered it and guiding the survivors to safety, her temple was forced to banish their wayward student, who refused to apologize or make amends for violating their neutrality.

Now, traveling under a new name, Tomoe has vowed to never back down from her ideals, assisting anyone in need wherever she travels, always quick to face down the unrighteous who prey upon the innocent…particularly if they are strong enough for her to test herself against.


As an accomplished martial artist, Tomoe is one of the few characters able to use Fighting Gauntlets as weapons, as well as her bare fists. This means that she can regularly attack at least twice per round of combat.

Tomoe is especially adept at targeting specialized foes: her Kuzushi Combat Art deals extra damage proportionally to her target’s Strength stat, and her Tetsuzanko Combat Art has a higher Critical Hit Chance proportional to her target’s Resistance stat. 

She can also activate her Flaming Fists, which boosts her Strength and Magic and adds fire elemental damage to all of her attacks for its duration. It also temporarily gives her access to her Flame Uppercut Combat Art, a ranged fire-element magic attack.

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