Combat Arts

Combat Arts are an important element of combat in Gales of Nayeli, and are one of the factors that help differentiate units from each other to allow them to form distinct gameplay identities. In exchange for using more weapon durability in battle, Combat Arts carry a wide variety of additional effects that vary drastically.

When recruited, each unit will start with a list of Combat Arts unique to them, and will learn more as you progress through the game. Some are learned by achieving specific relationship milestones between particular units or through unique story events, but most are learned by advancing a unit along a class promotion path. 

Here are a few of the Combat Arts available to specific units, as well as some ideas as to how such Combat Arts might mesh well with that unit’s role in combat:

Opportune Shot (Curtis): Opportune Shot deals extra damage to targets who are adjacent to allied units. Since Curtis also deals additional damage when he is at a distance from allies, Opportune Shot incentivizes positioning Curtis away from the chaos of battle so that he can more easily eliminate foes who are flanked by allies.

Nayeli can reposition after using Retreating Pike in combat

Retreating Pike (Nayeli): Retreating Pike is a Combat Art that, allows Nayeli to use her leftover movement to reposition after combat. Since Nayeli passively boosts the stats of adjacent allies, this Combat Art’s extra mobility helps her reposition herself to where she will be able to bolster the most allies at once after dealing damage. Alternatively, Retreating Pike can allow Nayeli to continue to aggressively advance after striking or defeating a foe, or retreat to safety if the situation demands greater caution.

Keri gains a wild surge in power when using Assassinate on low HP foes

Assassinate (Keri): Assassinate attacks three more times when targeting foes below specific health thresholds. This creates opportunities for Keri to dispatch weakened targets. Furthermore, since Keri naturally can use her leftover Movement after attacking, Assassinate helps her contribute to the party’s damage without stalling her momentum, allowing her to rapidly transition from slaying enemies to accomplishing map objectives.

Honorable Charge (Gallant): Honorable Charge deals high base damage, but reduces Gallant’s effective Avoid until combat ends. This means that, should a foe survive the initial overpowering blow, Gallant is much more likely to be struck in return: while Gallant has good magical defense and is less likely to suffer serious damage from non-physical attacks, use of this Combat Art still entails a degree of risk. Fortunately, Gallant’s high Strength works well in coordination with Honorable Charge’s powerful base damage to make him more likely to eliminate foes before they can retaliate. 

This is only a quick glimpse at the repertoire of Combat Arts available to you in Gales of Nayeli. We look forward to seeing how you experiment with the wide variety of Combat Arts that your roster has access to in the full release, and are excited to see how you use them in unique, inventive ways to overcome the challenges set before you!

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