Enemy Weaknesses

In Gales of Nayeli, enemy skills and abilities can give your foes powerful advantages in combat, which you’ll need to be wary of as you plan your turns. But don’t worry: enemy skills often have drawbacks that also create exploitable weaknesses that you can take advantage of to form strategies to take them down! 

Here are some examples of such enemies, and how you might be able to take advantage of their vulnerabilities to achieve victory:

Mercenaries are easier to hit when undamaged. What arrogance!

Mercenaries have great Strength and Speed, making them high-priority targets who fight at melee range. However, they also have reduced Avoid when their health is high: take advantage of this by using powerful, riskier attacks right off the bat to obliterate them when their chance to dodge is at its lowest.

Longbowmen have extra accuracy and range with bows, and are thus able to strike your units from a great distance. On the other hand, they are unable to counterattack at melee range and also take more damage from foes adjacent to them. This allows for more mobile units, who tend to have weaker offenses, to take them down with haste.

Spider eggs will hatch if allies are not careful

Spider Eggs are immobile, and pose no threat on their own, but if any of your units approaches, the egg will hatch, unleashing dangerous, venomous Spiderlings that can attack immediately! To take them down safely, either defeat them from outside their activation range, or destroy them in a single blow. Not only will you eliminate the threat of Spiderlings, but the victorious unit will gain more Experience. Burn it with fire before it hatches!

Of course, not all enemies demand deliberate and careful strategy at every step, and there are times when sheer power can be enough to overwhelm foes through head-on combat. However, knowing and taking advantage of the weaknesses of your foes is always helpful if you’re searching for ways to get the upper hand. It is especially useful in higher difficulties, where enemies are stronger and have better loadouts. Incorporating their vulnerabilities into your strategy can be critical to finding success on the battlefield.

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