Hero Relics

Acquiring powerful equipment is one of the most rewarding parts of any RPG, and while Gales of Nayeli has a long list of weapons and other items that you can loot, purchase, or earn throughout your time in Iuven, some specific and particularly rare ones bear special mention: Hero Relics.

Every single playable character has a Hero Relic associated with them that is specifically tuned to play to their strengths and push them beyond the limits they had prior to obtaining that Relic. To obtain their Relic, you must acquire Heroic Orbs, which are found after completing specific heroic deeds over the course of the story: when you give an acquired Heroic Orb to one of your units, it will transform into their associated Hero Relic. 

Here are a few examples of Hero Relics, and how they affect the playstyle of the units who acquire them.
Torngarsuk (Quidel): Torngarsuk is an equippable weapon, a powerful Brave Axe that gives Quidel three extra Strength and Magic at the start of every player phase, but wears off at the end of combat. These bonuses are gained while Torngarsuk is his inventory, even if he is not wielding it at that moment. Since Quidel deals increased damage when using Brave weapons, as well as when he targets foes with lower Strength than him, Torngarsuk’s nature as a Brave Axe and Strength bonus both synergize well with Quidel’s kit. Furthermore, the Magic bonus allows Quidel to take better advantage of Magical Axes, such as the Bolt Axe, which is also a Brave weapon.

Pandora’s Box grants benefits to Sophie’s mobility and combat

Pandora’s Box (Sophie): Pandora’s Box is an equippable item which acts as an infinite-use short-range teleport, like Smoke Bombs. In addition, it also grants Sophie a freely usable Combat Art, Even-Odd Trickster. The exact effects of Even-Odd Trickster vary depending on whether the turn count is even or odd: on even turns, Sophie’s Critical Hit Chance is increased, and on odd turns, her flat damage is increased. Both versions are powerful and contribute to Sophie’s playstyle as an adaptive unit with a touch of unpredictability.

Nataraja’s Ring (Samira): Extends the range of Samira’s Dance, which usually refreshes the action of any one allied unit, to apply to any number of units on tiles adjacent to her. Nataraja’s Ring grants Samira a significant bonus to an already-powerful ability, greatly increasing its versatility and usability and helping her to serve as a powerful bolstering and support unit on the battlefield who can swing fights in an instant.

These are just a few of the Hero Relics that will be available in the game. We hope that these, and the others that you will be able to find, will provide you with strong motivation to acquire as many Heroic Orbs as you can. Every Hero Relic will greatly expand your repertoire of strategies by providing your units with new synergies, giving you deeper options for building your characters and guiding their growth, so treat them as meaningful upgrades for your strongest units, or as power boosts that can help your struggling units come into their own! However you choose to use them, Hero Relics are certain to help your units shine!

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