Optional Maps

While a preset list of chapters must be completed to advance through the game, not all combat encounters that you find will be mandatory. In addition to the main story scenarios, optional maps and battle encounters are available for you to complete in between main story chapters.

Some optional battles are immediately available within a specific chapter, and remain accessible until you advance onwards to the next chapter and leave the area where they would take place. Others are only accessible, or even revealed at all, if specific conditions on main story maps elsewhere in the chapter—or even in earlier chapters—are met. Such conditions may include accomplishing specific side objectives, successfully completing time-sensitive goals, or meeting alternative victory conditions. There are also optional maps that are locked behind specific character or progression requirements which emphasize the use of particular units, and completing them will give you the opportunity to acquire character-specific rewards and uncover more details about a character’s backstory. 

Sidequests can be tackled at specific Bases throughout the game

Having a variety of optional maps gives us greater freedom to experiment with unusual layouts or objectives. Our main story chapter maps are intended to have tighter pacing, which helps accommodate players from a wider range of backgrounds and familiarity levels. 

Players can therefore curate their experience by completing or avoiding as many optional missions as they like, whether they seek out extra challenges, rewards or narrative developments.

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