Relationships between characters are a core interactive component in Gales of Nayeli. Every party member is a distinct personality whose dynamic with their allies on an individual-to-individual basis can grow and change over the course of the game. As such, the progress for each relationship isn’t tracked by a letter or number, gated linearly on a path that can be applied rotely to every relationship: instead, as each relationship grows organically over the course of the game, they’re differentiated by unique, trackable labels that will vary depending on your action as a player. 

Some relationships can only progress by triggering conversations during chapters, battles, or the base camp. Others are tied to specific steps in story progression, and may require choosing to advance characters on one of several mutually-exclusive relationship paths. 

Thus, you will have to think carefully about how you advance relationships, and which ones you will prioritize. In one playthrough, the player might elect to focus on deepening Quidel and Nayeli’s attachment as longtime companions, exploring the nuances and foibles of their growing friendship over the course of the game. In another, the player could choose to explore how a potential romantic relationship between Quidel and Nayeli alters their dynamic, offering an opportunity to experience the complexities of a divergent relationship path. Choosing to advance relationships one way might affect how others are able to progress! 

However, there are numerous in-game benefits to advancing relationships between characters. In the immediate action of battles, allies who share a close bond gain boosted combat stats when fighting near one another. Some character combos can even gain access to unique partnered combat arts if they fight together after growing close enough! Closely-bonded allies can gift each other items with tangible in-game effects and benefits, train together to learn and grow stronger in ways they could not alone, or even trigger unique Relationship Missions.

Relationship Missions

At certain stages of a relationship, triggering that relationship’s Base Conversation may lead to a Relationship Mission tied to that specific relationship label which must be completed in order to progress it. These missions are more closely tied to these specific characters, with their availability and characteristics dependent on the label of their relationship, and focusing on a smaller set of playable characters to put a greater emphasis on their growing closeness.

For instance, an attempt by two characters to use the quiet darkness of the deep forest to sneak away for a private, romantic moment might suddenly be cut short by an ambush, requiring you to guide the would-be lovebirds to safety! In another scenario, an acerbic-but-friendly rivalry between a different pair might escalate into a contest of strength that takes them well away from their initial competition into truly dangerous territory!

Not all Relationship Missions will be quite so risky to a pair’s life and limb, but every one will offer you the opportunity to get to know more about the personalities, relationship dynamic, and abilities of the starring characters.

In Practice

Here’s an example of one of Gales of Nayeli’s relationship progressions between Unit A and Unit B, in graph form!

Example of the start of a relationship chain. (click to enlarge)

That wraps up the overview of Gales of Nayeli’s relationship system. We’re excited to see how you advance the bonds between each and every character, and test out different labels and paths for yourself!

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