Unit Stats

Statistics in Gales of Nayeli are fairly straightforward, and should be familiar to anyone who has played SRPGs, or RPGs in general, before. However, in the interest of avoiding confusion, we’d like to take this time to go over some of the stats in the game and their effects, so that future blog posts discussing elements that involve stats, such as characters or items, are as clear as possible. 

Statistics and Levels

The level cap for playable units is level 40: by the time the roster’s average levels have reached this point, the players will be nearing the end of the game. Since units gain experience proportional to the level difference between them and their defeated target—with bonus experience when defeating units higher level than yours, and significantly penalized experience when defeating units lower level than your own—the leveling curve should feel smooth and consistent throughout. A unit’s level does not reset when promoting or class changing in any way.

The stats are as follows:

HP: Health. If a unit’s HP reaches zero, they are injured or die, depending on the game mode and certain story events, and certain units reaching zero HP can result in an immediate game over.

Strength (STR): A unit’s physical power. The primary modifying stat for most Swords, Axes, Lances, Daggers, Bows, and Firearms, and the main stat that physical Combat Arts scale off of. 

Magic (MAG): A unit’s magical prowess. The primary modifying stat for Elemental, Light and Dark magic damage, as well as magical Combat Arts. Magic also affects healing done with Staves.

Skill (SKL): A unit’s precision and dexterity. The primary stat determining Hit and Critical Hit Chance.

Speed (SPD): A unit’s agility and swiftness. The primary stat governing Avoid. If a unit has at least 3 more Speed than their target, they will deal a follow-up attack before combat ends.

Luck (LCK): A unit’s propensity for good fortune. The primary stat affecting Critical Avoid, and one which also affects Hit and Avoid.

Defense (DEF): A unit’s physical durability. The primary stat affecting the damage taken by physical attacks.

Resistance (RES): A unit’s magical durability. The primary stat determining damage taken by magical attacks.

All stats have a cap of 30, save for HP, which is capped at 60. Level-up gains are random, but each unit has different odds to increase each stat. The use of stat-boosting consumables and growth modifiers will give players some agency in any unit’s final stats, however. 

Finally, here are a few stats that do not directly increase upon leveling-up, but are still noteworthy:

Movement (MOV): Determines the number of tiles on the battlefield that a unit can move in one turn. Affected by a unit’s promotion class or the unit’s unique abilities, and never increases as a consequence of leveling up.

Hit: An attack’s accuracy. An attack’s Hit is determined against the target’s Avoid.

Avoid: A unit’s ability to dodge attacks of any type. 

Critical Hit Chance: The chance an attack will critically hit, dealing double damage. An attack’s Critical Hit Chance is measured against the target’s Critical Avoid, but only if the attack connects.

Critical Avoid: The chance a unit will not be critically hit if they are successfully struck. A unit’s Critical Avoid can go below zero through debuffs and grant additional Critical Hit Chance to their attacker.

This should help make any future blog posts discussing gameplay elements that involve knowing the role of different stats easier to understand. If you ever get lost in the stat terminology, just refer back to this page, and we’re certain your questions will be answered!

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